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5 Reasons You Should Patronise Independent Bookstores in Norway.


Oh goodness! You would relish visiting Independent bookstores in Norway and around the world to behold the sight of several arrays of books with their sparkling colors and ever captivating topics.

The experience of being there and finding just the right book you need brings you some level of happiness. You can get engaged for hours walking around the store, through the different aisle, glancing at each book, picking up, a survey of titles, having to perceive the strong scent that comes from it while flipping and browsing through the pages of the book, pausing and ponder,  chit chat with the store assistant and the inhaling of bookishness.


You will cherish the serenity at the independent book store as it separates you from a noisy and distracting environment, says a review from NorskeAnmeldelser.

Now, let us use these 5 points to journey you through why buying from an independent bookstore is good for you;

  1. Low Cost: There is no need for one or 2-day shipping when you can pick up your book directly or have it delivered by an online bookstore like bookis. Most people realize the extra cost for shipment and won’t want to use that route as they enjoy the convenience of shopping in a local store to avoid stress. And without shipment cost, customers will significantly be offered good books at lower prices.
  2. Builds Contact: You are sure to meet like-minded individuals to come together and exchange ideas, meet with other readers, which in return boosts your reading ability, it’s an opportunity for readers to discover books and connect with other readers in a meaningful face-to-face way. Also, the independent bookstore feels like home to the buyer, it is a welcoming place to come together and to feel at ease.
  3. Grows your community: Shopping locally or from an independent bookstore enables you to directly enrich and support your community with your purchases. So we must keep our independent bookstores alive with our patronage. It goes a long way and helps them stay in business whilst contributing to the growth of gross domestic products in Norway.
  4. Builds relationship: Independent bookstore attendants value engaging those who read, and this personal contact is critical for building a long-term, strong, and standing relationship with their customers. They desire to have to know about their customer experience, so it won’t be a one-off purchase.  Their willingness to go the extra mile by knowing the customer and supporting their interests and needs is amazing and this is to help ensure their customer retention.
  5. Civility: Typically, civilized and capable hands are usually employed at the bookstore, so they are known for treating clients with civility and respect. Their employees ensure that customers feel important and valued.

Their employees often show appreciation for the customer’s patronage. Simply put, they largely place value on their customers’. In some environments other than Norway, the reverse is the case, where people feel unattended to and lost.

You would surely have a good experience patronizing independent book stores in Norway. Why not initiate the buyer-seller relationship today?