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How to Move Overseas When You Have Children


When you are young and single, if you get an opportunity to work overseas, you’re likely to take it without a second thought. However, if you’re a little older and have a family, it suddenly becomes a lot scarier to move to a new country. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t move abroad with kids, no matter what their age, so here are some tips to make the process easier.

Get them to learn the local language

One of the best things your kids can do, before they even step on the plane, is to learn the local language. This ensures that when they turn up in the new country, they can communicate with others and don’t feel so alone. Kids are lucky in that they can learn new languages much easier than adults, so you can help them by:

  • Enrolling them in a local language school
  • Getting them a tutor
  • Letting them watch kids shows in the new language
  • Enrolling them in an intensive language course once you arrive


Even if your kids seem to be struggling to learn the language when you’re at home, rest assured, once they are immersed in the local culture, they will pick it up faster.

Pick a good school for them

It’s important that your child’s education isn’t interrupted. That’s why many expats choose to send their kids to an international school in Bangkok, as they will get lessons in English and follow an overseas curriculum. International schools are usually the best choice for expat children, as they get lessons in the local language and can still get the qualifications, they’d receive in their home country.

Enroll them in local clubs

If you move to an area with a lot of expats, you’ll find there are lots of local activities for kids to enjoy with other expat children. If the area doesn’t have many other expats, don’t worry. Help them find a hobby they can do locally, even if it’s with kids of their age from the local population. It’ll give them something to focus on so they don’t miss home as much.

Moving to a new country is tough, especially if you are a child and don’t feel you have many choices in the matter. If you have children and decide to move abroad, you should try to help them feel as settled as possible, whether it’s by getting them into the right school or helping them learn the language.