How to Thank the Employer When Hired


There is nothing more exciting than receiving an email from a potential employer offering you the job! Those two words saying, “you’re hired!” means the world to many people. It will bring drastic life changes and improve one’s financial condition soon.

 Sure, you think of all the positive things that will come ahead shortly after getting the letter. However, you need to consider sending a thank you note to the recruiters for considering you fit for the role. Before taking up the offer, introspect if you wish to join the firm and take the job.

Why does one need to send a thank-you email?

Sending a mere thank you email will speak tons about your professionalism. It shows your gratitude towards the employer as well as the recruiter. A thank you email will also get you started on the right path!

Appreciating the team’s efforts in interviewing you and considering you for the position is the least you could do as a professional. Nevertheless, while writing the letter you need to maintain a certain decorum.

Who’s who?

Run a background check yourself to know the recruiters and staff of the company. Keeping that information in handy will be helpful while addressing them in the email.

If you’re unsure of a person’s professional email address, ask a fellow employee to help. If not, there is always the email finder tool you can rely on., powered by AI and can fetch any email contact within no time! It also answers the question about ‘how to find B2B email addresses‘.

What to write? 

Conveying your thank you is the primary motive of the email. But be courteous while writing it. Thank the recruiters for taking time out and interviewing you. Mention a unique point you liked during the interview. It will fetch brownie points as you remember the details.

Explain how excited you are and eager to join the team, but do not write it over the top! A thank you email also means that you can ask any queries or confirm the employment details. It will ensure that both of you (employer and employee) are on the same page.

What not to write?

Generally, the person sending you the offer email expects you to refer to the letter and either accept or reject it. So, while replying to it, ensure that you only send thank you and nothing else.

If you’re curious about the offer letter or compensation details, then it is best to,

  • Either request them to provide the information of a SPOC (single point of contact)
  • or send another email enquiring about your doubt

While writing the letter, ensure to mention your first and last name, contact details (including email address and phone number) and your address (if need be).

Final thoughts

While checking what you’re writing is crucial, you also need to keep an eye on the grammar and tone of the letter. Read it twice to check it’s clear and in the correct format. The subject line of the email should be clear and simple.