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Tips to Successfully Prepare for ICSE Exams


It is natural among students to be worried and stressed about the exams. Among all the subjects, Mathematics is important as it helps students achieve their dream career. It mainly helps them to pursue a career in business administration, engineering, statistics, chartered accountancy and economics. Even if students are not interested in these, Mathematics will be a common subject till Class 10. In order to score well in the board exams, it is necessary for the students to understand the basic concepts from lower classes itself.

Students who find it difficult in solving the textbook problems can refer to ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths which are available in PDF format. The solutions help students to understand the various methods of solving problems within the given period of time. It also clears doubts instantly and helps them to solve complex problems easily. Students are advised to solve the textbook problems on a daily basis which improves logical thinking approach among students.

Here are a few tips to keep you calm while studying the subjects.

  1. Keep your mind relaxed

It is very necessary to stay relaxed while preparing for the exams. Students who panic during the exam preparation might have difficulties in answering the questions on time. A gap between each chapter and the time is given for other activities will help you stay confident about the exams. It will also help you to answer the questions without fear.

  1. Give equal time for all the subjects

Studying only one subject for the entire day might cause a lack of interest in the subject. For this purpose, students are advised to alternate between subjects based on the exam pattern to boost their academic performance. This will pace yourself out and will not get tired with learning the same subject.

  1. Create a timetable

Before preparing for the exams, students must first understand the concepts in each subject and their marks weightage as per ICSE board. This will help them analyse the concepts of high importance and work on them to ace the exam. The timetable developed should include time for extracurricular activities as well which is necessary for keeping your mind calm.

  1. Revise a month before the exams

Some students prefer to revise the subjects a few days before the exams. This will create tension in their minds as some topics which are difficult would have been forgotten. So, the students should complete revision a month before the exam and work on the topics which are important from the exam point of view.

  1. Gather previous year question papers and work on them

After finishing the textbook problems, the most important thing a student should do is to answer the previous year question papers. By doing this, students can understand the type of questions which are frequently asked and their marks weightage as per the latest syllabus. It also helps them understand the exam pattern and concepts of higher importance.

Hope these tips will help students to prepare for the exams without tension. For more knowledge of the concepts, students can download ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 Maths which are designed by subject matter experts. The solutions are 100% accurate and strictly follow the ICSE syllabus.